Embracing Accusation

I saw the link to this video this morning as I was looking up some other song. And since Shane & Shane and John Piper are two favorites of mine, I couldn't click on the link quickly enough to see what this was all about.

And it had more of an impact on my heart than I thought it would. Maybe it's because in the whirlwind of the last few weeks, I've heard the devil singing that song into my ear - that I have no hope of salvation on my own. Because I am a wretched wife. and mom. and teacher. and homemaker. and friend. and daughter. and sister. and human being. when I attempt life on my own.

Ah, but for that sweet refrain, that Jesus has secured my hope and has cleansed me - not on my merit, but by His obedience and love.

So, please listen through to the end. And if you are in Christ Jesus - if you believe that you are a sinner but He has taken the punishment for your sins at Calvary - sing along knowing there is now NO condemnation for you (Romans 8:1)!!!!!!!!! And if you scoff at the Savior, and think that you are making your own way to Heaven by the good life you are living - I am praying as I type that you would be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit's pleading and the truth that you will never be good enough. Jesus alone could satisfy God's wrath toward you by dying in your stead on the cross!!

Embrace the accusation that you are not good enough to please God. And then burst forth in joyous chorus that Jesus has done for you that which you could never accomplish - He has saved you from your sins!

No longer condemned,
for His glory!!!
Lisha :)

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