My Life In A Few Pictures

Will & I were married in 2004
at our church in NH!
We were 22 years old - two months out of college
and excited to begin our life together!

After just one year of being married,
we found out we were expecting our very first child!
This photo was taken in January 2006 by our friend Jon Downing
(I was 7 months pregnant!)

...and now we have 4 children! One beat us to glory on August 15, 2009;
the beauties you see here are Abigail, Hannah, & Elizabeth!

Photo copyright Molly Viglione Photography, 2013

My husband is the director of the Fast Forward program at a local elementary school,

...and we are Independent Consultants for Usborne Books & More!

So...some days we feel like this:
because between raising the girls, owning a business, homeschooling,
and keeping up with gets a little hectic!

 In all seriousness, though...we are blessed beyond what we could have imagined!

 This is our most recent family photo
[10/2013 - Molly Viglione Photography]

I am a wife, mom, and homemaker - I clean dishes, scrub toilets, change diapers, vacuum, teach my girls, and support my husband, all for the glory of God! And if wife, mom, and homemaker is all that He ever asks of me - praise Him for His wisdom and the calling He's given to me!

By His grace, and
for His glory!
Lisha :)