WOW: A Perspectives Story

I just wanted to share a neat story from my Perspectives course, in hopes that you will be encouraged by and excited for God and His sovereignty over every single detail of our lives.

Each morning, the girls and I spend time praying for a different religion, country or cultural people group, using the FANTASTIC book Window on the World (we call it our WOW book). This morning, we took time to read about, thank God for, and pray for the Balochi people of Pakistan. We learned a little about their culture. their struggles as a people. their foods, customs, and traditions. We praised God, once more, that He created each person in His image and that He made this beautiful culture for them. We prayed for their needs, and that they would be overwhelmed by the love that God has for them, through Jesus.

Here is where the Balochi people live: Balochistan

(map from www.news.antiwar.com)
It is a precious sound, to listen to the prayers of little ones as they love other people in different lands by remembering them before a holy God!! (I love praying alongside my girls, and I know that the Lord is blessed by their trusting hearts! And that they trust that God listens when they talk to Him!)

How does this tie into Perspectives? Let me tell you! (I have goosebumps just remembering!)

The speaker at class this evening was a man named Carroll Stevens. A man who spent 11 years of his life

living. in. Pakistan.


I am not joking.

It was beautiful - listening to him speak so fondly of these people that my daughters and I spent time praying for!! He also brought with him a Balochi New Testament and played some of their worship songs, in their language, on a couple of their native instruments. It. was. beautiful. I wish my girls could have been there.



I had the opportunity to speak with him a bit afterward. He shared that one of his daughters is attending college for dance, and hopes of going abroad to teach girls in other countries about ballet, in areas where there is no opportunity.

...like a certain hopeful missionary ballerina I know!! He gave me the name of the dance companies and university that his daughter has been part of and studied at, so that I might be encouraged that Elizabeth's dream can be a reality!

Oh Father, You orchestrate all details so perfectly - all for Your name's sake, so that You may be known among all peoples! :)

Do you have a tale of how the Lord wowed you with His sovereignty? Please share!

Thankful for the sovereignty of God,
and how He is awakening my heart to see it,
for His glory!

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  1. It is always thrilling and so encouraging to see the intricacies of God's sovereign purposes. Thank you for sharing! Found you at WFMW.

    1. I'm so thankful you're here - thank you, Heidi! I love hearing the stories about how the Father works all the details out - so I couldn't wait to share!


  2. Love this! So encouraging to see how God touches us.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

    1. He. is. so. amazing. My mind starts to melt when I think that He orchestrates it all. every detail. for everyone on the planet!