Math Tutoring & Support Services

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In addition to being a full-time wife and homeschooling mom, I am a math enthusiast! (I'm also a classic literature fan, budding seamstress, and rampant coffee consumer.) I was born and raised in the Monadnock Region of NH and love raising my own family here. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since the fourth grade, and thrive when sharing my love of learning. I strive to tailor my teaching style to each individual student's strengths and weaknesses.

I graduated, cum laude, from Keene State College with a BA in Mathematics, and a concentration on Secondary Education. I have two years of classroom teaching experience at the middle school level, and five years of private tutoring experience. I am glad to provide references if needed. In addition to this, I have had the privilege of teaching my own three children over the past four years, covering pre-school through first grade.
If your child needs a helping hand with math, or you feel like you could benefit from brushing up on your skills, let me help!
Services Offered:
  1. Assistance in math for any grade, K-12, or
  2. Assistance in any subject up through Calculus I
  3. Skill gap assessment and remediation, complete with a diagnostic test to identify specific areas of weakness
  4. Home-work support during the school year
  5. Home-school support--to boost confidence and support the parent-teacher on a scheduled or periodic basis.
  6. Home-school full Math Class replacement: for the parent-teacher who feels more comfortable having someone else take on this duty. Offered for grades 6-12.  
  7. SAT/Praxis I/GED/ACT Test Preparation: for the student (child or adult) who needs extra support before the big test.
  8. Adult Support: for the individual who is venturing back to college, who would like to be better prepared to teach their own child, or who would simply like to brush up on math concepts for whatever reason.
Getting started:
  1. Send an email to
  2. Include:
  1. your name
  2. name of potential student
  3. student's current grade
  4. area you feel support is needed
  1. In addition to this, please include:
  1. your own name
  2. phone number
  3. email
  4. state the best way and time to contact you back
  1.  An initial consultation will be scheduled to discuss
  1. needs
  2. expectations
  3. fees
  4. schedules, etc.
  1. After this first interview, a diagnostic test will be scheduled for a modest fee of $15. All students, from rising first graders through rising college freshmen will be subject to this diagnostic test as it is the tool used to help identify skill gaps, weaknesses, strengths, and learning styles.
  2. Once this step has been completed, you will be presented with a written outline of suggestions, and a plan for how I intend to proceed.
Fee Schedule:
  1. Basic tutoring and Home-work/ Home-school Support
  1. $25 for one 1 hour session per week OR
  2. $40 for two 1-hr sessions per week (2 sessions per week is recommended)
  1. Home-school Math Replacement Course
  1. $2000 per course, per student for grades 6-12.
  1. This price includes:
  1. 36 weeks of commitment
  2. The cost of the curriculum
  3. Three and three-quarters hours per week of individualized instruction
  4. Phone or email support as needed
  5. Detailed reports of your student's progress quarterly.
Payment Plans, Discounts, and Creative Options
  1. Family Discount
  1. $20/hour per student for 2 siblings
  2. $15/hr per student for 3+ siblings
  1. Bring a Friend Discount
  1. $20 for 1 1-hr session per week
  2. $35 for 2 1-hr sessions per week (per student) (the student to tutor ratio for basic and home-work/ home-school support classes is 3:1 anyway. You might as well bring a friend along and save some money.)
  1. Yearly Discount (a best deal)
  1. Commit to 36 hours of tutoring at one hour per week for 36 weeks and save 15% off the standard hourly rate.
  2. Half is due up-front with time payments available for the balance.
  1. Test Prep
  1. $150 for up to 6 one-hour sessions of instruction
  2. and one practice test session.
  3. If two or three students sign up together, a discount of $30 per student will be offered.
  4. The full cost of the package must be paid in advance.
  1. Bartering
  1.  If funds are short, yet tutoring is a service you really need, you may submit a fair request for bartering.
  2. Here are some examples of fair trade:
  1. housecleaning
  2. babysitting
  3. garden-fresh produce or eggs/milk/meat
  4. fresh bread or gluten-free goodies
  5. home-cooked meals
  6. minor home-improvement projects
  7. professional services (haircuts, etc),
  8. modest clothing for my daughters
  9. Every effort should be made by both parties to give and receive services comparable to set monetary fees.
Whether your children need help, or you are looking to brush up on your math skills, I am confident that I can use my gift to help you!
Please email me today to get started!