I'm not! But He is!!

God is good.
God is wise.
God is gracious.
God is patient.
God is just.
God is merciful.
God is faithful.
God is enough.
God is MORE than enough.
God is sovereign.
God is the "I AM". [See Exodus 3, John 8]

And just as God is "I AM", I...am not. I am not worthy that I should be called a child of the Most High. I am not deserving of such a tender & faithful Father. I am not righteous or holy, that I should expect the blessings of eternal life. I am not anything good apart from Christ.

But my heart is full tonight of the God who IS!!! The last couple of weeks have brought such an outpouring of His lavish love and blessing on our lives. Not only as He has financially & materially provided for us (a friend dropping off prayed-for household necessities in bulk; clothes, cases of diapers & wipes, and a $100 gift card left on our doorstep in early morning hours; a $600 gift from people in our church family, $200 gift from a faraway missionary friend, $50 from another church family, and just yesterday an anonymous $50 gift card in time to pay for our gas that we needed to travel to Dartmouth) - but as He has taken care of our hopes & dreams, for they are precious to Him, too, as we seek His face!

We followed His leading to announce that it was time to close up the Bible House about 3 weeks ago. We were bummed, because we really enjoyed what we were doing! To be able to spend our time and our available resources to bring the Word of God to those in our community!!! A dream job, indeed! But He had an even BETTER plan. When Will started calling our distributors to tell them he was closing the store, most of them told him that he could actually just keep the accounts open even though we won't have a store front. Which means that people (like you!) can still order from the "Jaffrey Bible House". It's just that the Bible House will look pretty much identical to our apartment, because people will pick up orders from our home instead of from the shop underneath our home. He is allowing us to continue our "dream job" in a different form, while enabling Will to find other employment! It's a win-win-win - I think that's what it's called, anyways...

And our sweet Elizabeth had a procedure done up at Dartmouth today, which revealed that she "most likely" does not have Hirschsprung's disease (we're waiting to hear back for the official news). The procedure was an intense one, and while there was crying (on Elizabeth's part), and while the mother's heart in me was nervous as all get-out that there would be long-term trauma...overall it couldn't have gone much better than it did. I praise God that He loves my daughters even more than I do, and that He promises that when we stay our minds on Him in times of trouble that His perfect peace keeps us. And while it looks like there's not an exact diagnosis of Elizabeth's problem, we know that God created every single cell in Elizabeth's body just the way He needed to so that her life would bring Him the most glory. And so her life, and ours as parents, has become a walk of faith (like it is with every child!). 

And so, even when circumstances seem pretty unfavorable, ah! we glory in the truth that God is the Great 'I AM'. And He is all good things. He is leading us His way, which is perfect to grow us to be more and more like Christ. No matter what joys or trials lay ahead of me and my dear family, we know that each one is for our good and His glorious Name's sake.

God is. good. all the time.

For the glory of the Great 'I AM',

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