The Sun, The Moon, and Abby

I love that God made children to be curious about the wonders of the world around them.

And I especially love that God seemed pleased to make my daughters to be enthusiastically curious.

While leaving the grocery store this morning, Abby asked why we can't see the moon during the day when it shines so brightly in the sky at night. Here is a reasonable re-creation of the conversation:

A: Mom, how come you can't see the moon in the daytime? It's in the sky at night and it's so shiny!
H: Mooooooon! MooooooooooooOOOOOOOooooon?!!? Where moon? (repeat continually in the background of the rest of the conversation)
M: You can't see the moon in the daytime because the sun is brighter, and our part of the earth is toward the sun. The moon doesn't actually have any light of its own - God made the moon to reflect the sun's bright light in the darkness of nighttime. So in the day, we don't need to see it, because a brighter light is shining - the sun!
E: Oh. Cool.
A: So the moon shines sunlight on us when we see it at night?
M: Yep! Did you know that God made people to be kind of like the moon? When we're left to ourselves, we don't have any light of our own to shine. But He made us to reflect how brilliant and marvelous Jesus is when things are dark - when we think and act and become more like Jesus, His light reflects off of us into other people's lives.
A: Wow.
E: That's neat. The way God did that!
A: And thought of it like that!
M: It sure is! God planned every detail like that!

Thanks, Jesus, for the reminder that it is more awesome to be a reflector of Your light than it is to try to be a light on my own. That in the sunny seasons of my life, the best thing that my heart can hope for is that people don't see much of me because a Brighter, Purer Light is shining!! and that in the nighttime seasons, that people see that I am but a reflector of Your Light as I travel in the darkness.


And thank You for my daughters, who You've created to reflect Your love into my life when I forget just how brilliant You are!

Just a reflection,
for His glory!
~Lisha :)

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