Our Prayer List for Moving

When we move, it will be from a 2-bedroom apartment which has been a blessing to us these last 5+ years! But when we moved in, we had just one baby...now we have three big girls!

This new home will have lots of space! Oh, and we are looking forward to that!!

But going from a tight space to a larger one means that there are a few things that are on our "this would be nice to have" list. Not "need!" list, because I'm pretty sure we would be fine without anything additional. But I've been praying that if it would please God to bless us with any of the following, that would be icing on an already sweet cake. :)

Here is our "this would be nice to have" list.
  • globe (table top or free standing)
  • tall, sturdy bookcase (4-5 shelves) PROVIDED!
  • small drop-leaf table with 2-3 chairs PROVIDED!
  • bench (for the entryway) PROVIDED!
  • shoe mat (for holding winteriffic shoes/boots)
  • doormat PROVIDED!
  • couch
  • small coffee table (rectangular)
  • 4 dining room chairs (we only have 2!) PROVIDED!
  • large area rug to fit under our table PROVIDED!
  • computer desk
  • 2-drawer file cabinet PROVIDED!
  • 2 frames for 2'x3' posters
  • sturdy storage shelving (plastic or metal)
  • 2 plastic bins for recyclables
  • tall lamp
  • small table (to hold a sewing machine & basic supplies)
  • shelving appropriate for storing art supplies
  • 13-gal trash can (we have one, but it's 8+ years old.)
  • plastic hangers, child-sized (we'll have real closets to really hang clothes up!)
  • headboard for a queen-sized bed
  • safety guard rail for an upper bunk (for E) PROVIDED!
  • plain purple curtains for girls' room
Those are simply material requests. Eternally, they are not as important as the other things we're hoping for:
  • that our new home would be a place of ongoing ministry - first to our family and then to anyone else God brings into our home. a place of rest for everyone who lives there and who visits.
  • that Will & I would both be motivated by Christ to immerse our hearts and days in the Word of God, and teach our children to love God and love others.
  • that the struggles I've had (and still have) with keeping & managing a home would be transformed into a testimony to the work of God in my life.
  • that we would nothing but a blessing to the family we're renting from, and that God would provide each month for the rent.
  • that the girls would acclimate to our new surroundings quickly and that we would be sensitive to their need for reassurance & extra snuggles while their lives go through this significant change.
  • that E would heal quickly while we unpack and settle in.

If you are so inclined to pray with us, please do! Thanks. I'm excited to see how the Lord will answer  - whether He will show me how to re-purpose what we already have, or if He will lead us to people who have these items and want to find a new place for them - or if He'll show me that we'll be just fine without. But because I know my Father, and that He delights in the prayers of His children, I ask because He's listening and will answer with what is best for our family and His glory!

Thankful for a God who always answers,
for His glory!

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