And Now What?

Sometimes, God asks us to do things not because He plans on making them "successful" the way the world sees success, but because He's working something out for another time - something we can't see yet.

[I think that bothers some people. Whether they claim to follow Jesus or not. The idea that God will not always financially prosper us when we obey Him is a frightening concept for people who place a lot of their security in money. Does it bother you?]

Obedience to God always brings blessing. He says so in His Word, therefore it is true. Those who are obedient are promised blessings and prosperity. But blessings and prosperity are not equal to money, the newest cell phones, cable, new clothes for you or your kids, a cushy house, your new SUV, or great health. The greatest blessing from the Lord that we can receive is to be close to Him, and if a struggling business, or losing a baby, or a chronic health condition is what will bring me to that point of closeness, I will walk through it in faith that He knows what is best.

And now what? We don't really know. In 9 days, we'll pack up and close the Bible House. So far, there's no other employment; Will has applied but we're waiting. And through it all, God will continue to be faithful.

My prayer through this time is that you, dear friends, see clearly the hand of God's provision and His unyielding faithfulness even when we fall short of His glory (which is often!). Do not look at what we've done as a waste, for nothing in God's economy is wasted. He is conforming us to the likeness of Christ; He is using our story to draw people to follow Him for eternity! How can there be anything more blessed or prosperous than that?!

For His glory!
Lisha :)

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