Are you there?

Hi, friends!

I'm borrowing this idea from a fellow blogger because I'm a curious lady.

If you read my blog, even if you don't ever comment - would you take a minute to comment on this post? I don't get much feedback, and it'd be neat to see who is following my thoughts...

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

For His glory,
Lisha :)


  1. I am here and reading. Love to read about how you and the family are doing. Keep the faith.

  2. I'm here. You always encourage me, so thanks for giving me a chance to return the favor.

  3. I'm here too! Your words are always very wise, and encouraging, and convicting.

  4. Hi Lisha, I'm reading you, too, and am at times bowled over by the wisdom you exude! Keep it up! I'm sure there are many who read your words and for whatever reason don't comment. Am more than certain that you are having a great impact on those around you watching you and yours live out your faith! xoxox