Faith and the Force.

"I don't see it, Lord. I can't see what You're doing!"

While I was praying this morning, that cry escaped my lips. It's one of desperation. And it's true.

I can't see what God is doing. Or what He's going to do. The Lord seems to be closing the door on what has been an exciting season of our lives with no clear indication of what's next. He has brought us a little closer to an answer for Elizabeth's digestive woes, but that answer is not shaping up to be a pleasant one.

And in the quietness of my heart after this passionate plea for Him to at least let me in on where's He's going with this, a whisper to my soul - a verse:

I want you to walk by faith, not sight. [see 2 Corinthians 5:7]

How many times has God let us down? Even though it feels like He is right now - His track record for provision and guidance has been impeccable. Perfect. He has never forsaken us. I don't need to be able to see how He's using our lives in the minds & hearts of the people around us. I don't need to know what we're going to do in a couple of weeks. I don't need to know right now whether or not Elizabeth has this rare disease they're testing for. I need to trust Him - that He knows what is best and that He will not allow anything that He has not already purposed to use for His glory and our good.

Remember the scene in Star Wars when Luke is trying to defend himself against that zappy-ball thing?

When he's attempting it with his own resources and senses, he gets zapped. But when he covers his eyes and lets the Force move him, it's no longer a problem. That's the visual I had in my head when I was getting ready this morning...which is weird. Star Wars is not usually my go-to for explanations of my spiritual life. While I don't believe the movie is a strong allegory for the life of someone who's following Christ - it kind of explains how I feel right now. So watch out, world! I'm putting on my helmet, and letting God guide. It's a lot more exhilarating, and much more effective, than trying to work it all out on my own.

Walking by faith,
for His glory!
Lisha :)

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