The Bon Jovi Allusion (or: Livin' on a Prayer)

Hi, friends:

Will and I live dependent upon God's ability to respond mightily to prayer. Without a "steady" form of income, we rely on the Lord quite literally for our daily bread. and everything else you can think of. 

Hot water.
Diapers & wipes.
The Van.
Clothes and shoes.
Homeschooling books.
Cleaning supplies.
Paper goods.
Bathroom supplies.

...et cetera.

Like missionaries who are out 'in the field' - whether stateside or worldwide, we do not always know where the money we need is coming from. Unlike missionaries, we don't raise our own support. We consider ourselves to be a missionary family of sorts - offering the Word of God to the community around us full-time! Will's job is to be available for anyone who needs the Bible and to provide solid biblical resources (books, music, curriculum, in-depth studies, research volumes, etc). Because we are not joined up with any missionary group,  people rarely think of us as in the mission field!

We believe that God has called us to this mission (and it IS a mission, my friend. We have an enemy who hates what we do and throws discouragement and doubt at us daily). We are passionate about it; we counted the cost before diving into this venture and we are thrilled to be used of God in this way! 

We've had people tell us before to let them know if we need anything. Well, we do have a few things that we've run out of in the last couple of weeks. I'm asking that if you are so inclined - please pray with and for us. Along with this list, we've got some bills coming up that we are trusting the Lord to provide entirely for. We have seen and lived miracles of provision before, and know that the Lord will not forsake us now! 

[We have woken up to cases of diapers left on our doorstep. We've come home from church to find $543 in cash tucked in Hannah's carseat. We've received envelopes in the mail that simply say "FROM THE LORD" where the return address should be, with $100 gift cards tucked inside. We've prayed for a van, only to find out shortly thereafter that one had already been bought for us. Customers sometimes leave money with Will "for whatever needs we have." Friends - our God is REAL and He provides for His children!]

The other way you can help? Consider ordering your Bibles, books, music, jewelry, gifts, etc through the Bible House! Will can order almost anything and usually does not charge shipping (unless you need it super-fast). If you're part of a church group, you always get a 10% discount, whether its churchware, Bibles, curriculum for VBS/Sunday School, books for a study group, etc. Supporting us as we minister to the community allows us to...well...to continue ministering to the community! Bible Houses don't generate oodles of money. In fact, Bible Houses tend to operate on a very meager budget in the strength of a God who has access to all the resources on planet Earth [but who is waiting on and pleading with His people to pray!!! Just ask, people!].

Here's a brief list of material needs. Most important to us is that we are conformed to Christlikeness - not that our material comforts are met! I list only for those who have repeatedly asked what they can do.
-diapers (sizes 5 and 3) and wipes (the unscented kind). I handle a lot of poo on a daily basis.
-handsoap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
-paper towels & toilet paper
-plastic wrap & aluminum foil
-sneakers & pants for Will
-sneakers (sizes 9, 9, & 3) & warm tights for the girls

God has taught us much about being content in all situations and about what TRULY constitutes a need. For example - cell phones and paper towels are NOT a need. They are modern conveniences. Food and clothing are needs. For His pruning and His joy I am so grateful!!! I would not trade this lean season for any other right now. Think of all the miracles we'd be missing if we 'made enough money' to cover all our own needs! Praise be to God alone who has used "not having enough money" to teach our daughters (and us!) that He can be trusted to provide in the most extraordinary ways - often through people and circumstances we never would have imagined!

You may have a cozy, comfortable, generic, risk-free, do-the-same-thing-every-day life. Trade that in for abundant life in the Spirit! Trade it for God's purposes! Trade it for never-a-dull-moment-in-Christ! Seek God's face, and His hands will guide you and show you the extraordinary things He can do with a life that is yielded to His plans!!

Living on a prayer,
for His glory!!
Lisha :)

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