Happy birthday, Abigail!

Will and I have been given three beautiful daughters:

Our oldest, Elizabeth, is 5 1/2. Our youngest, Hannah, is almost 1.

Our middle daughter, the creator of Abbyisms, turns 4 years old in just a few hours.

Every time the girls celebrate a birthday, I remind them about what their names mean. The names were not chosen haphazardly - each was prayed about, and put on our hearts by the Lord. We believe that because names are so significant to the Lord throughout His Word, the names we bestow upon our children should be significant, too.

Elizabeth is a Hebrew name - it means 'promise of God.' Her middle name, Grace, means 'patient' or 'gracious'. Hannah is a Hebrew name that means 'favor'; Sophia is from the Greek word for 'wisdom'.  Their names are lovely, and I'll probably talk about them some other time. 

The birthday girl, who blesses more people than she will ever know with her humor and honesty, has a special name, too. Abigail is a Hebrew name that means 'my father rejoices' or 'a father's joy' [depending on which book you're getting your information from]. Her middle name, Ruth, is a Hebrew name that means 'friend' or 'companion'.

The Lord picked these names for our sweet daughters long before we ever knew them. The fact that Abigail Ruth is indeed a joy to her dad (and to many others!), and that she is such a dear friend to her sisters, is not coincidental. She was created by God and given a special name - a glimpse into the way she's been wired. Not only is she Will's joy, but she is a joy to her heavenly Father as well. He gave her the sense of humor; I imagine He laughs at her Abbyisms, too!

We are grateful for Abby. She is a treasure; we look forward with much anticipation how the Lord is going to use her love, her tender servant's heart, and her humor to share the love of Jesus to the people around her. 

Happy birthday, Abigail Ruth! We love you so, so much, and are delighted to be your Dad and Mom. You are a joy, and you are a good friend to Elizabeth & Hannah!

By His grace,
and for His glory!
Lisha :)

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