Labor Unions...

An excerpt...

"Well guess what? Someday, everyone will be dead. Everyone ever will be brought before the Sovereign Creator God to account for everything they've ever done. He is not interested in pay rates, witty status updates or the accumulation of junk - those things have no place in the next step of His plan. Of greater interest to Him will be how hard you tried to live according to His Word. Imagine if He asks you how many people you've shared your testimony with - would you know the number? Would it be zero?"

Visit my husband's blog - the official blog of the Jaffrey Bible House - to read the rest of this pretty amazing post. Not only because he's my husband, but primarily because he leans on Truth.

And please, come by and see us on Saturday if you're in the area. We're celebrating one year of the Bible House adventure and we'd love for you to see and hear our story of God's glory in our lives - and to share yours!

For His glory!
Lisha :)

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