Leaf Lessons

As Will and I were driving to Keene this morning, I was in awe of the canvas of glorious color around me. Fall in NH is gorgeous! And I was quietly thanking God for His vast creativity and for giving us something so beautiful to enjoy as the weather gets a little cooler...and cooler...and cooler.

Mount Monadnock in the fall. Majestic and lovely!
I was thinking about why it is that the leaves change color. Not completely understanding the science behind it, I do know that they turn these brilliant  and deep shades of red, orange, yellow...because they are dying. Because soon there will not be enough food produced in the tree for them to keep them through the winter - they will die and fall to the ground.

Oh, what a picture of what our lives in Christ should be!

My life is most brilliant and glorious as I die to self and am surrendered to a new season of life in Christ. I am a beautiful and vibrant example of His glory on display when I stop feeding my soul with the temporary food of this world (keeping up with the most popular musicians or theologies or actors or sports stars or gossip or talk shows or reality shows or the latest political fiasco or a hobby or self-indulgent lifestyle that does not impact beyond my fleeting earthly existence). When I relinquish my rights to my dreams, my future, my desires - then He can shine through my life by molding me into who He made me to be: a reflection of Him! And He's the most beautiful being ever!

Praising God for the beauty of dying leaves,
and the lessons therein,
for His glory~
Lisha :)

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    1. So thankful that it was a blessing for you! Thank you for visiting, and for finding my FB page - it's an encouragement :)


  2. Oh this is such a beautiful time of year isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions and Connect With God

    1. Fall, especially in New England...there's just nothing like it. God blesses us with so many brilliant colors! As always, thanks for your kind words, Mel!

      ~Lisha :)