Who? Me? (Or: a reflection as we approach our anniversary)

It's really hard to live someone who can be selfish, stubborn, given to outbursts of anger, impatient, untrusting, mopey, disrespectful, unwilling to change, unteachable, lazy, arrogant, expecting and needing to be right.

It's really frustrating to be friends with someone who wants their own way and takes no interest in your hobbies; who says you are their best friend but doesn't always take your dreams seriously and who can be quick to share their dreams and heart with almost anyone else before opening up to you.

It's really discouraging to keep on giving to someone who doesn't often say thank you and who kind of just expects that you're going to do so much for them - like you owe it to them or something - and they are slow to give back.

I know this, because Will lives with that someone every day (me!!) - but in the strength of the Lord continues to honor his vows till death parts us. It's been 8 years of marriage. Eight years of learning more about Jesus and we've both got a ways to go, but I am grateful that Will has not relented in his commitment to me even when it would be so convenient in the "sicker", "poorer", and "worse" times.

Jesus - transform me - but also, give me the strength, desire, and conviction to change. Your Spirit working in my heart is for naught if I'm not willing to obey and do my part! Help me to be the helpmeet that Will needs. And please, always always cover us both in your extravagant grace! Thank you, Lord, for the sweet gift of my dear husband - who, though a sinner, is still a picture of how Christ loves His church by laying down His life for her.

Will & I :)
Bless our marriage, that it might be
for Your glory!

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