The Promise of God

(photo courtesy of Molly Viglione photography!)

Today, we celebrate our eldest daughter,
and how she is a daily reminder
of God's promises
and His patience toward us.

Her name was not chosen because it was popular, or cute, or even because we liked it (although, it helped that we did actually like it), but because God put that name on our hearts even before she was born.

Elizabeth is a Hebrew name that means "the promise of God".
Grace - well, it means grace - the unmerited favor of God toward us.

We are so grateful that for the past 6 years, we have had a constant reminder among us that God always keeps His promises and that His grace is sufficient and real in our home. As I've reflected on His unyielding faithfulness in the midst of the obstacles Elizabeth has had to overcome and live with, I am just overwhelmed that He loves her so much more than we do, and that we can see real, tangible, working evidence of His grace as He's taught her (and us!) to walk by faith.

We love you, Elizabeth Grace. We are blessed to know you, and to be called by God to be your parents! Happy, happy birthday!

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