Grace and Wisdom: Hannah Sophia

Photo courtesy of Molly Viglione

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our youngest daughter's first birthday! It is a day of sweet significance.

A little over two years ago, on Will's birthday, we discovered that our third child met Jesus before we did after about 8 weeks of pregnancy. We were crushed, but chose to praise God for what He was doing regardless. Not long thereafter, during a routine doctor's appointment, it was revealed to me that I had a major health concern that needed to be dealt with quickly. The doctors advised us not to try to have any more children until I was healthy again. Believing that God had given these doctors wisdom, we chose to heed their advice.

...aaaaand then a few months later, we discovered that we were expecting again, anyways! 

We have not known the gender of our babies before birth - what fun is that?! The names that we had picked out were Paul William (which has been our boy name of choice since before our oldest daughter was born - we just haven't had an occasion to use it yet!) and Hannah Sophia. 

Hannah is a Hebrew name. It means "grace" or "favor".
Sophia comes from the Greek root word that means "wisdom".

How perfect her name is for the season of our lives into which she was born!

God bestowed grace on us, allowing us to even have another blessing to add to our family, and oh! the wisdom of His perfect timing. We found out about Hannah two weeks before I would have been due with our third baby, which means Hannah would be an impossibility had we not miscarried.

Hannah Sophia, you are a treasure to us; a reminder of the grace and wisdom of God in all situations. You delight us, and we know that the Lord is going to use the story of your life to bring glory to Himself. We love you!

For His glory~

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