Thankful November - Day 6


for the ecard that I saw posted a bunch of times yesterday about 'November being the time of year when people who complain all year stop and be thankful for 30 days'...and how much that stung because I feel like it was written with me in mind! I complain & grumble too much!! So, I'm thankful for that reminder, along with so many verses, that urge me to live a whole life of thanksgiving - not just 30 days a year, for online friends to see...but a deep wellspring from my heart of true gratefulness to God, 'for He has dealt bountifully with me.' {Psalm 13:6}

I'm also thankful for everyone who has gone to the throne of grace on behalf of Elizabeth. The doctor said yesterday that things are looking good and in the next couple weeks, a plan will be in place for the remaining few steps on the road to recovery.

What are you grateful for today?

For His glory!

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