i will be here.

tomorrow morning if you wake up
and the sun does not appear,
i will be here.
if in the dark, we lose sight of love
hold my hand, and have no fear,
'cause i will be here!

i will be here
when you feel like being quiet;
when you need to speak your mind

i will listen!
and i will be here
when the laughter turns to cryin' -
through the winning, losing and trying
we'll be together...

i will be here
tomorrow morning, if you wake up
and the future is unclear,
i will be here.
as sure as seasons were made for change,
our lifetimes were made for these years!
so i will be here

i will be here
and you can cry on my shoulder,
when the mirror tells us we're older,
i will hold you!
and i will be here
to watch you grow in beauty,
and tell you all the things you are to me
i will be here

i will be true to the promise i have made
to you,
and to the One
who gave you to me!

tomorrow morning, if you wake up
and the sun does not appear
i will be here...
oh, i will be here

[steven curtis chapman]

it's the song we danced to at our wedding. 9 years ago. some days, that seems like just yesterday; some days, like an eternity ago. it was actually 3,287 days (<---math geek alert).

and the covenant we made before God and to one another was
for richer...and poorer
in sickness...and in health
for better...or worse
'til death parts us, will...
i will be here.

this has been a hard road more often than not these past few years. a painful journey, for both of us - because of both of us. but the Lord knew that, and it delighted Him to put us together anyway!! and i am grateful for every day we've shared - even the most devastating ones. He knew our strengths & weaknesses would complement each other, and that our grandest dreams would be in harmony. He is at work daily, even when we can't see it, conforming each of us to the image of Jesus so that He might get the glory for this union, and that we might live abundantly as one. i hope someday that i will be beautiful enough for you to see me as your crown and a reflection of God's glory in your life. i'll continue to strive for excellence in being Mrs. Will Hunter; i'm committed to learning how to love you more for as long as He lets me. 

i'm your wife,
for my good, and
for His glory!

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