Whatever the weather

This is a note I wrote on 6/18/2009. I was reminded of it tonight as the girls & I played out in the rain:

My girls love to be outside. Love it. It doesn't matter what is going on; snowstorm, sunshine, downpour, etc (we haven't tested things like hurricanes, cyclones, or earthquakes, but I'm willing to bet they'd love it for a couple minutes until they got carried away!).

We were outside playing in the rain today and as I was watching them, and playing with them, I was thinking about some of the more unpleasant times Will & I have had in the last 6 months or so. The "storms of life," if you will. How many times do we come into a storm in life (financial crisis, death of a loved one, etc) complaining and moaning about how bad things are, worrying about how much worse they'll get, crying "why me?" I'm not saying these emotions and doubts are bad, but we seem to psychologically prepare ourselves to be miserable for the long haul (at least, I do!).

I watched my girls embrace the rainstorm. They didn't care about how cold and wet they were. They didn't worry about how they were going to have to change their clothes when we got inside. They just enjoyed the time in the storm, in the safe and comforting presence of Mom & Dad, feeling the rain soaking them, taking it all in with joy. And that's how God wants us to enter the storms that He allows us to go through...His Word tells us to count it all joy when we go through various trials (James 1:something). Embrace the storm with open arms. Look for what you have to learn from it. Know that God sends us these times to grow our character, and know that He is present to comfort us and keep us close! Just as He does not waste rainy days (He sends the rain to help the crops grow!), He does not waste our painful times - He sends them to help us grow, too.

If you are going through various trials, be encouraged. Embrace the storm! And trust in the God who controls the storm!

Original photo posted with this note:
A (1 1/2), & E (3)

 Updated photo:
E, A, & H (7, 5, & 2)

Embracing the storm,
for His glory!


  1. Dear Lisha
    Your words today reminds me so much of our Lord Jesus' words that a little child shall lead them. Isn't the spontaneity of your young ones such a great example of enjoying life to its fullest!
    Blessings XX

    1. I've learned so much from the Lord because of my little ones - He is so good to give us children to teach us some of the biggest lessons we need :)

      Thank you for the encouragement, Mia! I hope you are having a sweet week!
      ~Lisha :)