Getting to know me

A little while ago, Libby at A Noble Calling (one of my favorite blogs!) posted this fun "getting to know me" survey. I thought I'd join in the fun!

Me, thanks to the Bitstrips app on Facebook!
1. What are three of your favorite hobbies?
reading, sewing, & mentoring young ladies

2. What is your favorite season?
Being from New Hampshire, I'm partial to fall. There is nothing so gorgeous as the brilliant colors in October; nothing so refreshing as crisp, cool mornings and warm afternoons. Cider, apple picking, pie, sweatshirt weather...it's the best.

3. Heels or sneakers?
Of the two, sneakers. But I prefer Birkenstock sandals year-round (yes, even in the snow!).

4. Casual or fancy?
I lean more toward casual for the day-to-day - but fancy is fun and has its place, too!

5. Which do you prefer: a birthday party, or a girls sleepover party?
When I was younger, I preferred sleepovers. As a mom with three girls, I think I prefer birthday parties because it's just a couple of hours and then everyone heads home.

6. What do you enjoy posting about more?
I LOVE writing about what God is teaching me, and about homeschooling.

7. How old are you?

8. When is your birthday?
July 5th

9. Do you like the thrill of a roller coaster?

10. Do you like watching movies in a theater?
Not really. I much prefer the comfort of the couch, the ability to pause & skip back or forward in the movie, and to not either pay for snacks or feel guilty for smuggling in my own. The last movie I saw in theaters was Narnia (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe)...in 2005!

11. What would be your ideal job in the future?
I have my ideal job - being a wife & mom! But I dream of adopting oodles of babies and having the room and resources to take in single moms who need a hand.

12. Are you into sports? If so, which ones?
I like watching high school sports - almost any of them. Field hockey is my favorite sport to watch & play. College football is okay (I enjoy keeping up with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish when I can).

13. In a football party, which are you: the one that jumps while shouting if your team almost scores? or the one who isn't interested in the game and prefers to eat the snacks while talking to friends?
I'm probably in the kitchen making the snacks, and sampling for quality control. Unless it's the Pats, then I'm obligated to cheer for the hometown team!

14. Did you play Playdough as a child?
Not that I remember. I preferred Barbies & My Little Ponies.

15. What are your favorite clothing stores you prefer to shop?
Honestly, I haven't been clothes shopping in about 5 years. I don't care for it at all! I do like online "window" shopping at sites like Shabby Apple and ModCloth, though. :)

16. Are you a bookworm?
Very yes! I love theology, practical how-to, and historical fiction books the most.

17. Which do you spend more time on- a book or the internet?
It's probably pretty equal. Which means I spend too much time online.

18. When did you decide to start blogging?
I started the blog in 2009, after my husband encouraged me to start writing in the wake of losing our third child. Being a mathematician, I've never considered myself a writer, but it was a blessing to be able to share freely what God was teaching me as He walked through the grief with us - and then He just kept letting branch out to writing about other topics.

19. On your honeymoon, which would you rather go to- a rustic lodge in the mountains or a sunny beach house in Florida?
Well, since we went up into the mountains for our honeymoon - I'd say the mountains. :)

20. What are five of your favorite movies?
The King & I
To Kill A Mockingbird
Pride & Prejudice (the A&E one)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon)
The Sound of Music
(Here are my top 25!)

For His glory!

I would love to see your answers. So if you do it, let me know! It would be so fun to learn more about other bloggers :) (Or you can just post your answers in the comments below!)


  1. Loved your answers, Lisha :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks, Libby :)

      Keep up the excellent work with your blog!
      ~Lisha :)

  2. I'm from New Hampshire too!! It's rare to meet anyone else that hails from the land of Live Free or Die, it being so small and all. Also, I confess, I have worn Birkenstocks all year round, even in the winter. I wonder if that a Granite State thing? :)

    1. How exciting! Hello!! I am thrilled that someone else gets my need to wear sandals year-round [my husband doesn't get it!] :) Which part of the state are you from? I grew up in and then came back to live in the Monadnock Region, which I am convinced is the most beautiful place on the earth...

      ~Lisha :)

    2. I am also from New Hampshire. We live in Cheshire County. I also wear my Birkenstocks all year round. It does seem to be a NH thing!

    3. Mandy, we also live in Cheshire County - how wonderful - love that you wear Birks year-round, too!

      Thank you for stopping in and saying hello!

  3. This is so much fun! I think I will do it! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about you.

    1. Thanks, Lauren. Will you leave me your post URL when you fill the answers out? I'd love to see them!

      Blessings <3

  4. I enjoyed learning more about you, Lisha!