October 10, 2000

13 years and 9 days ago,

I was introduced to a young man.

A young man with a big beard and the most amazing grin I'd ever seen.

He remarked that he really liked my shoes, because they were bowling shoes. Real ones.

We hung out for a few hours with a small group of mutual friends,

played a ridiculously terrible game of pool,

and he assured me that he lost "in order to impress the ladies", which had to have been me,

since I was the only single lady in the group.

Single, because I'd just told my roommate that I'd sworn off dating at least for a whole year.

Fall semester 2000 - freshman year

13 years ago,

that young man called me up and asked me

if he had a girlfriend.

That was his way of asking me out, I think. I answered yes,

and his reply was "Thanks!"...and then he hung up on me.

He was no ordinary young man,

and my life has not had a moment of ordinary from that moment on.

Except for 15 minutes (when we broke up) in the spring of 2002,

(and then decided we'd try to make it work),

we've been together ever since.

That's almost half of our lifetimes.

Through the years. :)
I know my life would look vastly different had the Lord chosen another path for me.

And with all the work the Lord has done in my heart,

and the way He has been patience and gracious with each of us,

I would not dream of it being any different...
not one moment.

Happy 13th (dating) anniversary, Will. I'm really glad you made that phone call.

My love is not perfect,
but I'm thankful that God is perfecting it by letting me love you.
You are the second most precious gift the Lord has ever given me
(after my salvation through Jesus!!),
and I will praise Him forever for that. Even on the hardest days.


PS Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?


  1. That post made me grin form ear to ear! I love hearing/reading how people met, especially the truly special couples! The dating anniversary for me and my husband just passed 28 years in August. Telling the tale of how you met and reliving it with your honey never gets old. Blessings! (Sharing some comment love back at ya!)

    1. Aw, thank you! 28 years - how wonderful!! I hope the reminiscing never gets old for us, either. :)

      I'm so glad you're visiting. I've been blessed to find your blog in the last few link-up parties!

      ~Lisha :)