I love having kids, because I never run out of stuff to talk or write about. I suspect I never will.

Abby & Elizabeth, 10/2009 (aged 2 & 3)
I went to a baby shower tonight. As I was wrapping the gifts this afternoon, Abby wandered over. The conversation went pretty much like this:

Abby - "You wrapping presents Mom?"

Me - "Yes, I'm wrapping these presents. We're going to a party tonight and we're going to give these presents to our friend for her new baby, who hasn't been born yet."

Abby - "Oh. I want to share with the baby." 

Abby ran back to the living room and was gone for under 5 minutes. She came back with wicker purse she got last Easter and a couple matchbox-type cars.

Abby - "I want to share my toys with the new baby Mom!"

At this point, Elizabeth came over. I asked her if she wanted to share anything with the baby.

Elizabeth - "No, no I don't"

So Abby and I started wrapping her presents for the baby, and then Elizabeth changed her mind and come in holding one of the bracelets that she made a couple of weeks ago.

They helped me by putting the tape on. I say helping, but I mean it in the loosest sense of the word. 


Your children, or other people's children if you don't have your own, will teach you if you take the time to let them. I got a spiritual kick in the pants tonight. Through their willingness to share some of their favorite toys with someone they'd never met, I was reminded that God is not necessarily pleased when we spend lots of money on new gifts for people, no matter how much we think they "need" it. Man looks at the outward show of affection and generosity and is impressed when we can buy all sorts of things off of someone's registry; God looks at the purity of the heart that is just willing to give of whatever it has. 

Praise God, that He can use our children so mightily in our lives and hearts to change us!

Learning to share,
for His glory!

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